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Each authorized ford service center is prepared to make service appointments. In order to minimize the waiting time for acceptance and return of your vehicle,

we encourage you to make service bookings, so that we are ready for you. An official ford Service Centre releases a work order for every service or repair that shows the acceptance of your vehicle. A complete service reception will be carried out together with you. Repair estimate at the time of acceptance. If an estimate is not possible at the time of the car’s acceptance at the service center, you will be informed as soon as possible about the assessed repair costs. In the ford service center the bookings are offered at nominal rates. Your authorization to continue will be requested for any additional repair costs and you will be informed.

About the new repair amount. Ford Service Centre delivers an invoice or receipt at the time of return of the car. This document reports in detail the explanation of each maintenance, repair or service work , including a detailed listing of labor and the spare parts used. Our ford Service consultant will explain the invoice in detail to you and will be pleased to assist if you have any queries. Rapid braking at high speeds automatically starts danger warning spotlights to advise trailing drivers and thus ensures safety for other neighboring vehicle. You can set the promptness sensing volume control to compensate car noise when you gain speed.